Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oracle RDS on AWS - Connecting with DB tools

After taking some time to make sure security groups for my Oracle RDS instances were set properly, I was able to connect to two Oracle RDS instances I have spun up.  A few comments on the various tools:
1. SQL Plus - You can use the instant client latest 11g release.  You do need to make sure the connect string is set properly.  How to do this can be found here:
2. SQL Developer - I used the 64 bit version that does not have the JDK installed so you will need to download the JDK separately,
3. TOAD - You need to point TOAD to the Oracle client software. This is done by adding Oracle client to the system path.  I have another blog entry on this.

Connecting to an EC2 based Oracle instance works the same way.


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  6. Where do you run the the sqlplus from? from your local machine? I am using AWS and could not connect to the endpoint db not sure what the CLI meant as well if its from my local machine or from somewherein AWS.

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