Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oracle Database Huge Pages

Oracle DBAs will use Oracle Hug pages to increase Oracle database performance :

The only requirement for huge-pages (2MB pages) is that you run a HVM instance. However, all the Oracle AMIs are PVM.

For now to use huge pages with Oracle on EC2,  the best option would be to go with SUSE HVM AMI and then install the Oracle Database on the EC2 instance. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

MySQL horizontal scaling

ScaleBase is a distributed database built on MySQL and optimized for the cloud. It is a relational database cluster that dynamically optimizes workloads and availability by logically distributing data. ScaleBase automates the data lifecycle, including analysis, data migration and node rebalancing.  ScaleBase provides an easy to manage horizontally scalable database cluster built on MySQL that dynamically optimizes workloads across multiple instances.  is  based in Newton, MA. The AWS Marketplace offering can be found here:  ScaleBase provides the scalability and availability benefits of NoSQL databases while using a relational database.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Redshift SQL query tools

      Here are two tools that can be used with Amazon Redshift to issue query commands:      

1    1. SQL Workbench :
The information required regarding your Redshift cluster are:
A. JDBC or ODBC connection string: example JBDC connection string looks like this: jdbc:postgresql://
B. User ID : master
C. password : password

2. Aginity :                       A. Server (endpoint): example looks like this:
B. User ID : master
C. password : password
D. Database: databasename
E. Port: 5439

The nice thing about Aginity is that there is no JDBC driver to install. With SQL Workbench, you will need to download and install 

More on where to find the  JDBC driver and configure with SQL Workbench
2.     Add the downloaded driver JAR to the driver to the PostGres Driver in SQL Workbench