Thursday, April 2, 2015

AWS Migration Sessions

Migrating large fleets of legacy applications to AWS cloud infrastructure requires careful planning, since each phase needs to balance risk tolerance against the speed of migration.
Through participation in many large-scale migration engagements with customers, AWS Professional Services has developed a set of successful best practices, tools, and techniques that help migration factories optimize speed of delivery and success rate. In this session, we cover the complete lifecycle of an application portfolio migration with special emphasis on how to organize and conduct the assessment and how to identify elements that can benefit from cloud architecture.

April 9th in SF @ Moscone 

Breakout Sessions 2:00 - 3:00

Cloud Migration, Application Modernization and Security for Partners

As AWS continues to expand, enterprise customers are increasingly looking to our partner ecosystem to assist in migrating their workloads to the cloud. This session describes the challenges, lessons learned and best practices for large scale application migrations. We will use real examples from our consulting partners and AWS Professional Services to illustrate how to move workloads to the cloud while modernizing the associated applications to take advantage of AWS’ unique benefits. We will also dive into how to use an array of AWS services and features to improve a customer’s security posture as they are migrating and once they are up and running in the cloud.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

February 4 | Wednesday - Migrating Thousands of Workloads to AWS at Enterprise Scale

Migrating Thousands of Workloads to AWS at Enterprise Scale Many large enterprises have begun using AWS to host development and test environments while also building greenfield applications in AWS. After realizing the benefits that AWS has to offer, many Enterprise look for ways to accelerate their migration to the cloud. In beginning this journey they are often faced with a number of challenges such as determining which applications should move, how they should move, and how can they be effectively managed in the cloud.  AWS Solution Architects and AWS Professional Services have developed a migration methodology, based on our experiences, to quickly, efficiently, and successfully move enterprise applications to AWS at scale.  This session will be pragmatic; covering the challenges, lessons learned, best practices, and end architecture for several large scale migrations done by AWS Global System Integrator partners. This session will also review the approach, tools, and methods that can help Enterprises evolve their cloud transformation programs.

2 PM - 3 PM

Monday, January 5, 2015

Amazon data warehouse migration to Amazon Redshift

Informative video on moving an Oracle RAC and Hadoop based web log data mining solution to Amazon Redshift:

Migrating to AWS :

Nice session on how has migrated several different types of workloads to AWS:
1. Rehost - web site : Details on an existing workload migrated to AWS.  'Classic' web site migration of web application to AWS.
2. Rearchitecture  - Database migration : Migrating application data to AWS from a traditional data store to AWS is way to reduce costs.  This use cases uses an Information Lifecycle approach to moving data off of a live production databases to S3. 
3. Replace - Application replacement : Deprecation of an order system, and implementing the new order system on AWS.
4. Green field : Using AWS for development of a new video service used internally at Amazon.

The video goes into details on how AWS can reduce costs, improve development productivity, enable elastic infrastructure, increase scalability, and improve high availability.