Friday, September 28, 2012

Micro Focus Enterprise Server and development tools on AWS

These are two different situations where the server lends itself to the cloud and developer tools do not.
1.     Micro Focus Enterprise server - This is like an application server for COBOL applications that ran on the mainframe (cloud 1.0) and have been moved to open systems to save cost.  This server can run on AWS EC2 with no problems (will need to check the OS they are running...if not windows or linux will be an issue to migrate OS platforms).  Running MF Enterprise Server in AWS (cloud 2.0) makes all the sense in the world as these applications are running very simple UI interfaces and the application is made for hosted/cloud computing.

2.     Micro Focus Enterprise Developer - This product runs in Eclipse or MS Visual Studio environment.  It does not lend itself to the cloud (at least a virtual server environment) as each developer has their own developer tool (lends itself more to a VDI environment).  If there were not that many developers, each run could have their own Windows EC2 instance.   What could also be done is to have one Windows EC2 Instance and each developer have their own login which would give them their own desktop.  When doing this, you would have to make sure you size the one instance accordingly (as their could be many concurrent users).

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