Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Copying 1 TB of data from on premise RDBMS to AWS/EC2

I often get asked how long it will take to transmit a 1 TB database (assumes that the database is actually 1 TB in size and not just allocated at 1 TB). Elapsed time is going to depend on many factors: speed of connection, compression used (if any), can load be done in parallel etc.  The fastest load times will happen using AWS import/export ( ).  The next fastest will be using AWS Direct Connect ( Direct Connect provides speeds of 1 Gbps to 10Gbps.  Using a 1 Gbps line, it would take about 3-4 hours (here is a good site:    Assuming an internet connection speed of 100 Mbps (100Base-T connection) it would take about a day to transfer using a traditional connection to AWS/EC2  Both DirectConnect and Import/export provide a secure method of transfer. 

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