Friday, January 25, 2013

Disaster recovery in the cloud options

These are by all means not all the options, but at a high level these are the common options:

  • Backup and restore - Have to set up security groups set up and set up Route53. Data is not being mirrored or replication. You are doing an import and export from database to S3. When system goes down then resource S3 data to the database. You also have to provision AMIs.
  • Pilot light – In this case, you are doing Data mirroring/replication from source system to DR site. Could run GoldenGate. The EC2 instances are present but stopped. Have to prepare all required resources from automatic start – AMIS, network settings, load balancing etc.
  • Fully working low capacity standby – Blurring lines between HA and DR. In this case have an issue with RDS as the data needs to replicated both ways as traffic could go to either configuration.
  • Multi-site hot standby – production load on both sides. Cost and data sync are the biggest challenges.

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