Monday, April 22, 2013

Oracle specific protocol support on AWS ELB

Some Oracle customers are running Oracle specific protocols and when they move to AWS they would like to know if AWS services (such as ELB) support these products.  AWS ELB supports the HTTP, TCP, HTTPS and SSL protocols.  Oracle UCM IDC protocol is not supported with AWS ELB.  In looking at common on premise software and hardware load balancers (F5, Riverbed etc), I do not see any that support Intradoc (IDC).  The more important question to ask is: "What load balancer do you use on premise to load balance IDC traffic?"  If it is a software load balancer, you could run this on an EC2 instances.>

Another protocol that some Oracle customers run is Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP). SDP is an industry-standard wire protocol between InfiniBand network peers. When used over an InfiniBand network, SDP reduces TCP/IP overhead by eliminating intermediate replication of data and transferring most of the messaging burden away from the CPU and onto the network hardware.  This protocol is not supported on AWS. 

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