Saturday, August 10, 2013

ELB primer : A good place to start

If you are just starting off with ELB or even if you have worked with it for some time, here is a helpful blog post:

I like these points in particular: 

Point 4) Amazon ELB is not designed for sudden load spikes /Flash traffic 
Note: Not for traffic that changes ever few seconds or even every few minutes.

Point 8) Amazon ELB cannot do Multi AWS Region Load Balancing
Note: Use Route53

Point 9) Amazon ELB sticks request when traffic is generated from Single IP
Note: I see this a lot in training classes as students are always hitting from same IP address.

Point 12) Amazon ELB can easily support more than 20K+ Concurrent reqs/sec
Note: In most cases, one ELB can support multiple systems.

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