Friday, November 8, 2013

ELB : Some common questions

Q: Is a straight through reverse proxy possible with ELB? For example, a Wordpress instance that lives at my  Is it possible with ELB similar to apaches mod_proxy passthru functionality?
A: ELB does not support this feature.  Suggestions: Create a sub-domain like and have a separate DNS record + ELB for it.

Q: Is there a way to force traffic to a particular backend app server when fronted with ELB? 
A: ELB supports sticky sessions for ensuring that traffic within the same session flows to the same box.  For software release purposes, you could have a subdomain like and a separate DNS record + ELB.

Q: Can you have a zone apex in Route53 point at multiple ELB's? I assume this is so. (e.g. -> ELB1 (production a), ELB2 (production b)
A: Yes, if you use non-simple routing policy (weighted, latency or failover). 

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