Sunday, March 30, 2014

Redshift cluster sizes

100 nodes maximum for each configuration.
Dense Storage (DW1) nodes are available in two sizes.   These are HDD backed instances.
A. The Extra Large has three HDDs with a total of 2TB of magnetic storage. Maximum of 200 TB of storage.
B. The Eight Extra Large has 24 HDDs with a total of 16TB of magnetic storage. Maximum of 1.6 Pedabyte of storage. 
Dense Compute (DW2) nodes are also available in two sizes.  These are SSD back instances.
A. The Large has 160GB of SSD storage per EC2 instance with a maximum is 1.6 TB
B The Eight Extra Large is sixteen times bigger (then the dense compute large) with 2.56TB of SSD storage on the EC2 instance for a maximum of 256TB of SSD storage.

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