Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AWS EC2 amazon sftp only for web site upload pem pkk ftp ssh

The most difficult part of creating my AWS EC2 web site (other then the 'coding' part ... more on this tomorrow) was getting the files loaded.
1. SFTP can only be used. FTP will not work! Discussion is here: SFTP with EC2 (or can use scp)
2. PEM file to a .PPK file - I used Filezilla as described here: Converting PEM to PPK file. Seems as though sftp does not use pem file like SSH does.
3. login in to EC2 instance using SSH and change user to root ( sudo su ) and change the directory with location of you web pages (/var/www/html) to '755' (chmod
-R 755 /var/www/html). This is because you will be using your ec2-user name to upload using SFTP.
4. login into SFTP using ec2-user and your instance name: sftp ec2-user@
Note: These file go into the directory /var/www/html.

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