Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Migrating C/C++ embedded SQL code

When moving from Sybase C Embedded SQL to Oracle C Embedded SQL, there are no tools are process. Since Embedded SQL is a standard it should be pretty straight forward. The biggest challenge is going to be SQL that is Sybase specific. I would map the process out as follows:
1. Change include files from Sybase Embedded SQL libraries to Oracle Pro*C in each module.
2. Make sure the C code does not test for Sybase specific error messages. Fix where needed.
3. Run all modules through the Pro*C pre-compiler. Fix any embedded static SQL that does not make it through the pre-compiler using the SQL Developer scratch pad editor.
4. Compile using C compiler.
5. Test run the application fixing any dynamic SQL that does not work against Oracle using SQL Developer scratch pad editor.
SQL Developer can be downloaded here:

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