Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AWS EBS PIOPS volume creating tablespace

Creating you EBS volume and attaching it to your EC2 instance through the AWS console, CLI or APIs is just the first step in using this volume in your Oracle database.  If on Linux, you then need to format, create a mount point, and then mount your volume as follows:
1.mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdg
2. mkdir /mnt/oracle1000
3. mount /dev/sdg /mnt/oracle1000
(Remember to give permissions - chmod - to oracle user on your mount point)
 More information on mounting EBS volumes can be found here:

To check if the device has been mounted properly, you can issue these commands:
-  df -l
-  mount

To insure that your EBS volumes get mounted at start up time, you can add the device mapping to the /etc/fstab file

Then the Oracle tablespace needs to be created.  This is done using the following command:
This is for creating a tablespace larger then the Oracle standard limits:
create bigfile tablespace datapiops1k
datafile '/mnt/oracle1000/bigfiledata.dbf'
size 600G;


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  1. When I use anything less than 1000 PIOPS making a 600G tablespace takes 20+ hours, why is that so slow? A standard EBS tablespace creation happens very quick. Is this related to 'warming' up the volume or is this normal?