Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Started with WebLogic on AWS

Here are the links to get you started with Oracle WebLogic on AWS/EC2:
1. Oracle on AWS FAQ - 
2. Landing page on AWS - 
3. Oracle Amazon Machine Imagines - 
There are AMIs on the AWS web site but you are best to create your own AMI with the OS of your choice and install WebLogic on this base instance. . The AMIs Oracle has posted here are really just to get started.  They are really not even good for demo or POC usage. You can find the latest OEL AMIs, for OEL 5.9 and 6.4, at the bottom of this web page:  
4. EC2 Instances available - 
5. EC2
6. Pricing calculator - 

1. Oracle licensing : You bring your own license.  You can not buy a license from AWS. This can be an     Oracle ULA, ELA, or perpetual licenses. The only support AWS has for AWS compute with Oracle license included is for AWS RDS. For all other, you have to BYOL.  A partner can use OPN licenses for test and development.  OTN licenses are only for trials of 30 days or less.
Oracle on AWS licensing document is here:
2. The bulk of the AWS cost is composed of EC2 compute, storage (EBS and S3) and network (data transfer out). The pricing calculator above can give you an estimate of AWS cost.
3. Oracle support on AWS : 


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