Sunday, October 6, 2013

Process to load Oracle data from on premise to RDS

RDS does not allow access to the native OS.  However, using Oracle-managed files you can create a local directory that Oracle RDS can access.  Here are the steps:

Local DB configuration

Local data pump directory

Here I run the export from my local DB

Now I go and update the Perl script with the Dump file name. UTL_FILE package takes care of copying file. It took 3 minutes for 250MB file

Login to RDS database

Ran the import

And here we are – Schema DEEP is present in RDS database TESTDB now.

Here is the Perl code:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use DBI;

# RDS instance info
my $RDS_PORT=4080;
my $RDS_HOST="";
my $RDS_LOGIN="orauser/orapwd";
my $RDS_SID="myoradb";

my $SQL_INTEGER         =  4;
my $SQL_VARCHAR         = 12;
my $SQL_LONGRAW         = 24;

# Oracle destination directory and file name (these could become parameters)
my $dirname = "DATA_PUMP_DIR";
my $fname   = "test.bin";

my $data  = "test";
my $chunk = 8192;

my $sql_open   = "BEGIN perl_global.fh  := utl_file.fopen(:dirname, :fname, 'wb', :chunk); END;";
my $sql_write  = "BEGIN utl_file.put_raw(perl_global.fh, :data, true); END;";
my $sql_close  = "BEGIN utl_file.fclose(perl_global.fh); END;";
my $sql_global = "create or replace package perl_global as fh utl_file.file_type; end;";

my $conn = DBI->connect('dbi:Oracle:host='.$RDS_HOST.';sid='.$RDS_SID.';port='.$RDS_PORT,$RDS_LOGIN, '')
|| die ( $DBI::errstr . "\n") ;

# create a package just to have a global variable
my $updated=$conn->do($sql_global);

# open the file for writing
my $stmt = $conn->prepare ($sql_open);
$stmt->bind_param_inout(":dirname", \$dirname, $SQL_VARCHAR);
$stmt->bind_param_inout(":fname", \$fname, $SQL_VARCHAR);
$stmt->bind_param_inout(":chunk", \$chunk, $SQL_INTEGER);
$stmt->execute() || die ( $DBI::errstr . "\n");

open (INF, $fname) ||  die "\nCan't open $fname for reading: $!\n";
$stmt = $conn->prepare ($sql_write);
my %attrib = ('ora_type',$SQL_LONGRAW);
my $val=1;
while ($val > 0) {
  $val = read (INF, $data, $chunk);
  $stmt->bind_param(":data", $data , \%attrib);
  $stmt->execute() || die ( $DBI::errstr . "\n") ;
die "Problem copying: $!\n" if $!;

close INF || die "Can't close $fname: $!\n";

$stmt = $conn->prepare ($sql_close);
$stmt->execute() || die ( $DBI::errstr . "\n") ;

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  1. This is great. Thank you. I have a question though. In the perl script, what is supposed to go in the $data variable that you currently have set to "test"? I have successfully exported an oracle rds database using the expdb utility into the DATA_PUMP_DIR directory. Then using a java app to download this dmp file to my local machine. Now I wanted to use this perl script to upload the dmp file to another oracle rds in another account.