Monday, January 5, 2015

Migrating to AWS :

Nice session on how has migrated several different types of workloads to AWS:
1. Rehost - web site : Details on an existing workload migrated to AWS.  'Classic' web site migration of web application to AWS.
2. Rearchitecture  - Database migration : Migrating application data to AWS from a traditional data store to AWS is way to reduce costs.  This use cases uses an Information Lifecycle approach to moving data off of a live production databases to S3. 
3. Replace - Application replacement : Deprecation of an order system, and implementing the new order system on AWS.
4. Green field : Using AWS for development of a new video service used internally at Amazon.

The video goes into details on how AWS can reduce costs, improve development productivity, enable elastic infrastructure, increase scalability, and improve high availability. 

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