Friday, May 31, 2013

AWS storage performance

A common question is "How would the client compare the performance of storage on Amazon vs. local data center? "  Well here are some numbers for AWS storage:
a.   Instance storage Disk : Equivalent to local disk for a server
b.   Instance storage SSD
                                                             i.     ~120,000 random read IOPS (4 KB blocks)
                                                            ii.     ~10,000-85,000 random write IOPS (4 KB blocks)
c.    EBS Standard (100 IOPS)
                                                             i.     Reads typically <20ms writes typically <10ms
                                                            ii.     Best effort to 10’s of MB/sec
                                                             i.     On best effort, you may get up to 40 MB/sec throughput for 2K PIOPS disk
f.     Glacier : Long time archiving. Takes 3-5 hours to retrieve.
g.   Storage Gateway : On premise to AWS S3 ‘replication’.  So, will depend on the pipe (internet, AWS DirectConnect) from on premise to AWS.

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