Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Creating prefixed zone in Route 53 for hosting web site in S3

In this example, we will create a hosted zone to host our S3 web site.   
In this case the S3 bucket is in one account and Route 53 provider to outside world is in another account.  This example is showing DNS chaining as well as how to configure the DNS service to host your S3 bucket web site on AWS.

1    1. Create a hosted zone (in this example: on the account that is hosting the S3 bucket and is not your Route 53 DNS service that is accessible to the outside world.
-Create a hosted zone
-Go to records sets and get the Delegation set to be used for your current DNS provider which is the Route 53 service in your other account.     Click on check box next to and click Go to record sets button:
 - Get the DNS records by clicking the check box next to the with record set type of NS. These DNS entries will be used in Route 53 in the other account.

2    2. Add record set for domain name in Route 53 on my second (aka: public DNS Route 53 account) account called Oracle.migrating2cloud using the DNS records created when you created the hosted zone in the first account.
-       Go to Route 53 hosted zones 
-       Click check box next to hosted zone and select go to record sets
-       Click create a record set button.
      -       Enter oracle in the name. 
      -       Type is NS – Name Server
      -       Enter the DNS records created in your other account:

3. You now need to create a web site (in S3) and create a Route 53 record set (for example: to point the S3 bucket with same name ( with an HTML file. Follow instructions in other posting.
      4.  After completing this task, you should see your web page.

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