Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hosting prefixed domain name web site on S3 using Route 53

This the process for hosting a domain with a prefix.  For example, you have the domain name already hosted.  Assuming you also have core prefix ( already built.  You now want to create specific prefixes (for example to hold localized information.

1. Create in S3 bucket in the account where the web site on S3 will be hosted. The bucket name needs to the same name as the web site. In this example:
2. Check radial button next to "Enable website hosting" to make this a S3 bucket that holds a web site. Type in a name for the base html page. In this case, index.html
3. Upload the index.html file into the bucket. Example HTML file is below:
4. Try accessing the web site It will not work. There is nothing pointing the ‘internet’ (no DNS Name mapping in our DNS provider which in this case is AWS Route 53) to your web site on S3.
5. Create a record set in your Route 53 Hosted zone for for your S3 web site bucket.
A. Go into the Route 53 service
B.Go into the record sets by checking the box next to the hosted zone ( and clicking on “Go to Record Sets”
C. Click “Create Record Set”
The record set has the following values:
- Name: boston
- Type: A- IPv4 address
- Alias with target name: Click and drop down box will show you S3 endpoint
6. Does it work … no … set permissions on the index.html
7. Set permissions on the index.html as well. For open/download by everyone.

More on how point your zone apex and zone www records to Route 53 from your domain name is parked (AWS is not a domain registry)


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