Thursday, April 24, 2014

AWS Import/Export file limits

AWS import/Export can handle volumes of larger then 1TB to be stored on Amazon EBS volumes. However, there is a intermediate step using S3.  If your storage device’s capacity is less than or equal to the maximum Amazon EBS volume size of 1TB, its contents will be loaded directly into an Amazon EBS snapshot. So, in theory no size limit. AWS does not mount the file system on your storage device, nor is a file system required to be present. AWS Import/Export performs a block for block copy from your device to an Amazon EBS Snapshot. If your storage device’s capacity exceeds 1TB, a device image will be stored within your specified Amazon S3 log bucket. You can then create a RAID of EBS volumes using software such as Logical Volume Manager, and copy the image from Amazon S3 to this new volume

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