Friday, April 4, 2014

Oracle Spatial on Amazon EC2

The summary is:
  • Technical approach:
    ·   Oracle Database with Spatial
    ·   Deploy on Amazon EC2
    ·   J2EE Web Application Server
    ·   Multi-tenant Multi-user 100% Web software for Mapping and analyzing business data 
– eSpatial OnDemand GIS

    Amazon Overview
    ·      Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)

    ·      Variety of Instance Types (CPU cores, memory...)
    ·      Pre-configured Amazon Machine Instances (AMI’s)
    ·      Availability Zones
    ·      Elastic Block Storage – EBS
 Simple Storage Service (S3)
 Elastic IP addresses

    ·      Load Balancing & Auto Scaling, More...
    Amazon Deployment:
    ·   Dedicated Database Server(s) with separate Web Application Servers
    ·   AMI - Oracle 11g DB & Redhat Fedora
    ·   Database on an EBS volume
    ·   ARCHIVELOG as normal – archive to a separate EBS volume
    ·   RMAN Backup to separate EBS volume
    ·   Copy backups to Amazon S3
    ·   EE & RAC or SE-1 with Standby DB
    ·   Backup from Standby DB

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