Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Copying key pairs to your bastion host

When using a bastion host to protect your Oracle database from anyone on the internet getting into your database instance, you will need to copy the 1024-bit SSH-2 RSA key to your bastion EC2 instance.  This is can be done using Linux secure copy (SCP):
scp -i /Users/tom/EC2KeyPairs/AWSThreeDayIAM.pem DBSysOPS.pem ec2-user@

1. -i /Users/tom/EC2KeyPairs/AWSThreeDayIAM.pem : Is the key to the bastion host.
2. DBSysOPS.pem is the key file for your Oracle database server.
3. ec2-user@ is your EC2 instance and file location where the key file will be copied.

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