Monday, December 2, 2013

Storage tiering on AWS

Here is the replay of the session I just presented with an AWS partner (App Associates) and customer (Riso):

I opened the session by 'testing' the audiences understanding of AWS storage tiers:
1. Assuming a 16K block size, what storage option provides average throughput of 1 to 2 MBPS ?
2. What storage option has single threaded through put of around 17 MBPS ?
3. Assuming a 16K block size, what EBS volume provides an average of 16-20 MBPS through put ?
4. Once again assuming 16K block size and also assuming 4 1K PIOPS volumes, for what EC2 instances will you start to see network saturation ?
5. What storage option produces approximately 100-145 MBPS read and write through put?
6. For which storage option is it possible to transfer approximately 3 TB a day a day over a WAN ?

1. Standard IOPS
2. S3
4. Any instance with .5 Gpbs network connection. For example, m2.2xlarge
5. Hi1.4xlarge (high IO) ephemeral storage
6. AWS Storage gateway

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