Monday, December 2, 2013

Oracle Database size and network throughput : IOPS and network throughput

When configuring an Oracle Database on AWS EC2, you need to consider both storage (EBS) IOPS and network throughput.   With PIOPS, you can achieve up to 4K IOPS per EBS volumes.  However, the EC2 instances (assuming EBS optimized or 10 Gbps cluster compute) can be a potential bottle neck.  For example, the m2.2xlarge instance type has a maximum throughput of 0.5Gb.  Which means this instance type is limited to approximately 3750 * 16 KiB IOPS. Therefore, one 4K PIOPS volume would start to saturate the network.   Take into account the IOPS and instance network throughput when designing your Oracle Database on AWS EC2.

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