Monday, December 2, 2013

Direct Connect and Storage Gateway for migrating Oracle databases to AWS

You can use AWS Direct Connect instead of establishing a VPN connection over the Internet to your Amazon VPC, avoiding the need to utilize VPN hardware that frequently can’t support data transfer rates above 4 Gbps. Direct Connect is sometimes not considered because it involves a cross connect to an AWS Direct Connect. If you are already using a AWS Direct Connect partner you can be up and running quickly. There is no up front cost for Direct Connect and you can cancel at any time (such as after you do your initial data migration).

Another option Storage Gateway costs about $125 a month and the first 60 days is free.  300 Mbps can transfer 4 TB to S3 using storage gateway a day.  This requires you to install the AWS Storage Gateway at your facilities but is also completely on demand and can be canceled after your large data migration. 

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